The queen celebrated her birthday here in Almere, and of course we were there!Don’t if it was worth it, but the kids liked it. And don’t be misled by the seemingly nice weather on the pictures: we’ve had almost every type of weather the time we were waiting for Her Royal Highness to arrive.Funny: The girls kept on talking about the princess with the birds’ … Lees verder Queenspotting

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain

This was the main theme during the service held for Beata‘s funeral yesterday. A memorial service, but at the same time a worship service. It was a beautiful and moving experience. Her children all participated in the service as musicians. Her husband Flip shared some poems he had written during the year that she was ill, and he made us listen to Brian Doerksen’s song … Lees verder For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain


Life’s full of paradoxes. Especially the christian life, and especially with Good Friday and Easter. Jesus died so we can live; He takes our sin so we can be righteous. There are numerous of these in the bible: God takes the route we least expect Him to take. Nice thoughts, if we are the beneficiaries. But what if the paradox is the other way around? … Lees verder Paradoxes

Easter thought

Made by Sarah Brown.This is what she writes: Lately I’ve had a lot jumbled up in my head about Christianity. I’ve been wondering why our lives, as Christians, contradict the way Jesus lived his life. Why don’t we hang out with the prostitutes and tax collectors? Why is it ok for a lawyer in the congregation to get divorced, but not the pastor? Why is … Lees verder Easter thought

Miracles happen

Here is double proof that miracles do happen – an Ibach piano and a Dell notebook. Both are ours, both were given to us. These are the kind of stories you think only happen to others: on a Sunday night somewhere early March, Mira and I discussed the need of an extra notebook. Mine was getting older and slower each day, and Mira actually needed … Lees verder Miracles happen

Over the Rhine

As I said, I was in retreat these last few days. I went out for the day and returned at dinner time, because it’s still not the time to stay overnight while Mira is at home with the kids. Wednesday afternoon I enjoyed a long walk at Rhijnauwen and Amelisweerd, in the surroundings of Utrecht. Amazing how the quiet countryside and busy city life can … Lees verder Over the Rhine