Over the Rhine

As I said, I was in retreat these last few days. I went out for the day and returned at dinner time, because it’s still not the time to stay overnight while Mira is at home with the kids. Wednesday afternoon I enjoyed a long walk at Rhijnauwen and Amelisweerd, in the surroundings of Utrecht. Amazing how the quiet countryside and busy city life can be back-to-back; I found a little path that I thought was very pittoresque but ended up right alongside highway A27. Anyway. The weather was really good and it was a looong time since I had a hike like this.

The other two days I spent in my uncle’s appartment. It turned out to be a very good experience. It is an excellent place for this purpose: very bright, with not much diversion and easy to reach. I did some writing, listened to music, read the bible, prayed, went out for a sandwich, and then set myself to writing again. And although I am somewhat reluctant to say God spoke to me, I do believe I got some guidance in a couple of things.

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