Miracles happen

Here is double proof that miracles do happen – an Ibach piano and a Dell notebook. Both are ours, both were given to us. These are the kind of stories you think only happen to others: on a Sunday night somewhere early March, Mira and I discussed the need of an extra notebook. Mine was getting older and slower each day, and Mira actually needed one in order to be able to do some work in the midst of busy family life at home. So, we both felt we should try to find means to buy a new one somewhere this year. The very next day a dear friend of ours asked us if we’d thought about buying a new notebook lately; he felt he should give us ‘something’ for that purpose. :-))

A couple of weeks later. You should know that I have been wanting a real piano for a long time. I do not play very well, but everytime we’re in a place with a piano, I can’t help but play… But this is one of those things that stay on the wishlist and never seem to be materialised. Anyway, in our church cellgroup, Simone said she was given a piano for her son. So I felt my heart leap, and I responded by saying how I loved to have one too. Two days later my dad calls and says he has a piano for me, from a lady in his church that moves to a retirement home. Last Saturday we went to pick it up in Utrecht – and it is beautiful!

It feels good to know God is providing in these ‘small’ matters; how much more is He to be trusted in the ‘big’.

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