A more lighthearted post on spring and sex
A more lighthearted post on spring and sex

A more lighthearted post on spring and sex

I’m sitting behind my desk in the office, window open. The weather is very good, one of the first spring days of this year. From my place, the view is great: into the forest, a green and quiet scenery. Little birds are singing and flying around, through the trees I see a squirrel. Spring is in the air, as the saying goes – and so it is.
I’m thinking about sex – which is probably not a surprise to the male readers – but for a reason. This morning, during my daily blog and newsfeed update routine, I saw a new article posted on Christianity Today about sex. This seems to be a trend: this last week, several things have been published on it: Dutch writer WJ Ouweneel publishes his new book ‘Sex in the church’, CV Koers and Baptist Church Bethel organised a seminar on sex. Haven’t been there, but I have read the article in Christianity Today. It is worthwhile to read, because it gives an excellent insight in what is happening in current culture without providing cheap, pious answers as to how to deal with this issue. I especially liked the discussion on accountability:

What kinds of relationships within a church community lead to a healthy sexuality? Is accountability the answer?

Marcey: Though Gen-Xers talk incessantly about their desire for relationships, these relationships and community have to be formed by biblical norms. And the Bible says more than just “be accountable.” Especially when it comes to sex, we have to get beyond programs and accountability.

Winner: We use the word accountability too much. Community gets reduced to an accountability group. And yes, accountability is important but so also is blessing. Particularly when it comes to sex, community has to be more than saying, “Come confess to me that you used porn again yesterday.” Community is life together. It is blessing where God is present. Frankly, I think we should put a moratorium on the word accountability for ten years.

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