Deking Express

Watched the final episode of Peking Express last night. I already told you some time ago I like this show, and this year again I saw most of the race. And I am content with this years’ winners; they started out very modestly, not too visibly competitive. But they grew in their cunningness, and in […]


Last week I preached in church on a topic that is close to my heart these days. I called the sermon ‘Cooperating with God’, but the actual underlying topic is how to deal with shortcomings in your character and in your competencies. I feel confronted with my own shortcomings a lot, these days; I hardly […]

Nieuwsbrief 7

Hierbij weer onze nieuwste nieuwsbrief in pdf-formaat (300kb). Veel leesplezier!

Happy family

This swan family walked by last night. On the picture they walk like it’s supposed to – on the street – but when I watched out of the window, there were mom and dad strolling through the bush. Showing off, or some kind of training-on-the-job for the kids?I liked the way the parents were protecting […]


These last few weeks I have been too busy to blog, and in fact I still am. But hey, a blog is a blog, so there needs to be something. For all you guys out there waiting for news: a little patience, please. I have a few stories in mind to blog about. For now: […]

The future is virtual…

… long time ago, that was the slogan of the company I worked for. Now, 10 years ahead, I guess in a sense it’s coming true, although I would not phrase it the same way. I’d say something like ‘The virtual is for real’, for example: the so-called virtual world (being the Internet) is as […]