These last few weeks I have been too busy to blog, and in fact I still am. But hey, a blog is a blog, so there needs to be something. For all you guys out there waiting for news: a little patience, please. I have a few stories in mind to blog about. For now: here is a recent picture of Tomas (especially for Floor, who I met on the highway yesterday). He’s doing fine, being over 3 months old now. He’s clearly building character, as these last weeks he’s getting more and more temperamented. You can also see the rash he has on his head, pray for healing! More pictures of Tomas: see right column.

Update: Tomas has chicken pox! Overnight he is covered with pox all over his body, face and head. Poor guy…

2 thoughts on “2BZY2BLOG

  1. Beterschap Lieve Tomas!
    En kunnen jullie een beetje waterpokken in een doosje doen?
    Jasmijn “moet nog.”

    En ik ben benieuwd naar de stories die je nog in je hoofd hebt zitten Mark.

    Groet, Anneke

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