When Jetro met Inge

Yesterday Jetro got married! He is one of ‘our’ teenagers from our time in Amsterdam, when we led a youthclub in church. It was a privilege to be at his wedding and a joy to see him so grown up, happy and relaxed and with a beautiful wife. They asked us to be their witness in the official ceremony, which is a great honor. Later on, in the service, we were even referred to as ‘idols’ of Jetro! It leaves us wondering how the little things we’ve said and done could have had such a great impact.

The wedding took place in their home town Assen where Jetro serves as a military, so we stayed overnight with our friends Richard and Nelly who live there. Too bad it was a rainy day, but the pictures of Jetro and his military friends are great, aren’t they?
For the party at night we made a little movie with some of our sweetest memories of Jetro. Just for the sake of experimenting with the video software I uploaded it to the web as well (.wmv format, 3 Mb). And also because I think it’s quite funny 🙂

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