Last week I preached in church on a topic that is close to my heart these days. I called the sermon ‘Cooperating with God’, but the actual underlying topic is how to deal with shortcomings in your character and in your competencies. I feel confronted with my own shortcomings a lot, these days; I hardly feel able to cope with everything that crosses my path, and at the same time I sometimes feel hopelessly weak characterwise. And probably I am not the only one. So I thought it was good to share some thoughts on that. While studying the subject, I found out that I am in good company: Abraham, Moses, David – they all had very obvious shortcomings. The interesting thing about all three of them is that God praises them in the very area they failed miserably in. See for yourself: Abraham was praised because of his faith (Hebrews 11), but his most visible fault was not trusting God for providing him with a son with Sarah; Moses was praised for being meek (Numbers 12), but he was so temperamented that he killed an Egyptian; David was praised to be a man after Gods heart, but his great mistake was to commit adultery with Batsebah. Interesting, isn’t it? I thought it would give us hope that God would be able to use us in his service as well.
The two principles that I covered were:
– God can fill you with what you don’t have
– God will multiply whatever you give to him

So, don’t panic if you feel unable and unqualified: no problem for God!

For dutch readers: here is the summary in pdf (770Kb).

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