Playing cards

This Worldcup Championship seems more of a cardplay than a soccer game. After Holland got kicked out in a historical match against Portugal Sunday night, where some 20 yellow and red cards were given by the referee, the saddest thing happened last night when Australia lost against Italy in the 94th minute because of a disputable referee decision. I was so upset that Rosa and … Lees verder Playing cards


It’s official now: I’m 36. Yes, today, father’s day is my birthday… I was surprised by beautiful selfmade gifts by Rosa and Sara and breakfast in bed. The party starts at 4 pm, feel free to drop by. As we already said in the invitations to friends: we have faith for a new watch for Mira (who celebrated her birthday a week and half ago) … Lees verder 36

Flickrs are male

A couple of weeks ago I experimented a little bit with Flickr, the online photo sharing site, and I put some of our pictures on it. So far I like it, because there are many good features and it is very easy to use. But now, after a while, I think I know that most visitors are male – click on the image for the … Lees verder Flickrs are male