A trip around the world in one day

Our friendship with Gwen and Sander is intensifying… Last week I helped them dig a hole in their backyard of about a meter deep (across the entire backyard!), and yesterday I replaced Gwen at the yearly excursion with the church youth group. I used their car to drive a couple of young people to the zoo in Arnhem (the one with the title of this post as their slogan). Sander told me that although the battery sign was flashing, I would make it up and down to Arnhem. Well, he was right – but not without the help of the Dutch Road Assistance… On the way back, the battery went dead after all, and we had to stop near the highway. The boys from church thought the car would explode because they saw smoke from the engine, but it was not that bad. We were towed away to a safe place, and after an emergency repair we could continue.
And yes, the zoo was nice, although not as spectacular as I expected. But chaperoning 11 kids is quite tiring, and with the car adventure it sure felt like a trip around the world in one day.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for this remarkable story, it’s nice to read how you’ve experienced the trip with our car!! Espacialy the part where the boys thought the car would explode!!
    Of course you may borrow our car every time you want to experience “a trip around the world in one day”!! 😉
    Lots of love, Sander en Gwen.

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