Almost On the Road

Just a couple of days, then holiday starts! Yes, the kids are free already, but daddy is still at work. Next week we’ll first attend the Agape European All Staff Conference in Nottingham, England. After that we drive straight to France to meet my parents in the Dordogne, who will leave their caravan for us […]

Tomas turning

Some days ago, Tomas made his first turn – and he liked it! He liked it so much that he keeps on turning until he gets stuck. We were there to tape his first attempts: see for yourself. Note how much his sisters are involved in it…

Sara’s birthday

Tomorrow is Sara’s birthday! The little girl turns four, and that is a milestone. Last Wednesday we took her and two friends to the Muiderslot, a lovely medieval castle in Muiden. It was hot but great to see the three little musketeers running around, paying attention to nothing at all but just having fun together. […]

Action in Almere

Tonight we met with Annemieke & family. She will be living with us next season because she’ll be with the Action program of Youth for Christ Almere, which basically means a one-season of voluntary work for the YfC centre here. So, I have to give up my study room once again, as we did last […]

I’ve got it!

I’ve got it – my new phone. Well, to call it a phone would do it no good. It is a multimediapersonalinformation- managinginternettingvideomakingandsoondevice that even comes with a telephone! It took some time and effort to get it, but now it is here and I am glad like a little boy. Originally, I planned to […]

One Year Bible Blog

Interested in reading the Bible in one year? Join the One Year Bible Blog community – some 7.000 people are already in, I guess most of whom read online through make it all a bit easy, without having to go to their website every day, I added the RSS feed for the OYBB to […]

Coming home to Rotterdam

These are the weeks of the Athletes in Action project ‘Coming Home‘. After two years of missions projects in Greece and Israel, the focus is completely on The Netherlands this summer. All over the country some 60 teams of volunteer sportspeople organise sportsclinics, tournaments and so on together with local churches in their neighbourhood. Together […]

Shema Israel

Another sermon outline: the topic of last Sunday was ‘Shema Israel’ – the jewish confession of faith. I think it is fascinating to see God reveal himself as ‘One’ or ‘The only one’ in a time where every people had its own god (see Deut 32:8). Declaring this ‘Shema’, the jewish people committed themselves to […]