Coming home to Rotterdam

These are the weeks of the Athletes in Action project ‘Coming Home‘. After two years of missions projects in Greece and Israel, the focus is completely on The Netherlands this summer. All over the country some 60 teams of volunteer sportspeople organise sportsclinics, tournaments and so on together with local churches in their neighbourhood. Together with AIA director Theo van den Heuvel I visited two teams in Rotterdam last night. Two very different teams and locations: one international team with Arab Israeli’s (I guess that’s what you call a minority group – christian Arab Israeli’s) in a nice green park in Zuid, and another team in a innercity-neighbourhood (Delfshaven) with litterally hundreds of kids. Great to see ‘our’ people connect to the kids, play with them and talk with them. I could sense that the kids love the project and the attention they get – they really need it.
If you’re still interested: next week a second round of projects starts. Check the website if you want to join.

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