I’ve got it!

I’ve got it – my new phone. Well, to call it a phone would do it no good. It is a multimediapersonalinformation- managinginternettingvideomakingandsoondevice that even comes with a telephone! It took some time and effort to get it, but now it is here and I am glad like a little boy. Originally, I planned to save money for an iPod. Then I had to renew my phone contract, and I found out that there are phones with mp3-players in it. So I decided to find one of those to come with the new contract – a Nokia 6230i – so I would not have to buy an iPod. But then it went wrong: I renewed the contract, but did not receive the phone. Two weeks later I called, and they told me they just sent out the phone that day. Well, another week went by without a phone, so I called them again. Then it turned out the order was not sent out at all… they obviously had made some mistakes somewhere. I decided to take my chances and play it hard: I wanted another phone and some form of compensation. End of story: I have a brand new Nokia N70 (newer, more expensive and much nicer than the 6230i), three months free calling and two cinema tickets… If that ain’t grace of God 🙂

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