Sara’s birthday

Tomorrow is Sara’s birthday! The little girl turns four, and that is a milestone. Last Wednesday we took her and two friends to the Muiderslot, a lovely medieval castle in Muiden. It was hot but great to see the three little musketeers running around, paying attention to nothing at all but just having fun together. The Muiderslot has been restorated a while ago, and I must say it is great. Not an endless exhibition of swords, helmets and medieval pots and pans, but just enough to get the picture and enjoy the building itself. And for the kids they created some nice computerized games.
After visiting the castle, we picknicked outside below a tree. I compiled a small photo album that you can see here – it’s worth it.
Sara actually celebrates her birthday four times this week, so by tomorrow she really knows she’s four years old. On the picture is Sara dressed as the joker – even funnier than the real one has been, I guess.

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