Almost On the Road
Almost On the Road

Almost On the Road

Just a couple of days, then holiday starts! Yes, the kids are free already, but daddy is still at work. Next week we’ll first attend the Agape European All Staff Conference in Nottingham, England. After that we drive straight to France to meet my parents in the Dordogne, who will leave their caravan for us over there. We’re looking forward to the coming month, as I will not return in the office before the 28th of August.

Mira will be one of the featured speakers on the conference. The conference theme is ‘On the Road’, and Mira will have to speak on Friday morning. Now she still needs to find some time to prepare, which is really hard with the kids running around.

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  1. Jonathan Pellegrom

    EASY was vet h???:P Ik kwam deze site toevallig tegen…

    Hopelijk tot April in het witte huis, laten we hopen dat het nu weer zo’n fantastische week wordt!!!!’

    Groetjes, Jonathan (ook van EASY… zoon van..:P)

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