Newsletter 8, nieuwsbrief 8

Here is our latest newsletter, with news… Download the pdf (in Dutch 480Kb), print it double-sided and enjoy! Hier istie dan: de nieuwste nieuwsbrief, met nieuws! Download het pdf-je (480Kb), even dubbelzijdig printen en klaar is kees. Veel leesplezier… PS I tried to make a nice webversion, but I seem to have lost techie qualities somewhere along the way. It just does not seem to … Lees verder Newsletter 8, nieuwsbrief 8

God in the City

Check out this (Dutch) videoclip by Crossroads Rotterdam about Matthijs Vlaardingerbroek‘s ministry in Den Haag. (In his extremely down-to-earth and close-to-people mentality he probably would not use the word ‘ministry’ himself, but I guess it’s just the best way to describe it.) I think it is one of the best clips I’ve seen in terms of communicating a vision: so simple, so tangible, so authentic. … Lees verder God in the City

Ethics in the Kingdom of God

I have a question for theological cracks concerning the parable of the Kingdom in Matthew 13:44. You can read that somebody finds a treasure in a field, hides it back into the ground and then buys the field. My Christian ethics tell me to do business transparently and honestly. My interpretation of this parable tells me that Jesus is the one who buys the treasure … Lees verder Ethics in the Kingdom of God

Back to work

Well, it looks like I have to lower my ambitions as far as the promised holiday stories are concerned… Last week I was still free but busy with the usual things at home: unpacking, cleaning, etcetera – and this week, back to work, it is much worse. I just returned from a ‘last minute’ one-day trip to Paris for a meeting over there, and virtually … Lees verder Back to work