Bonus to the newsletter

Both Mira and I had the opportunity to be on stage during EASC. Now you can listen to us in mp3 here: Listen to Mira (20 minutes, 20Mb)Listen to Mark (7 minutes, 7Mb)

Newsletter 8, nieuwsbrief 8

Here is our latest newsletter, with news… Download the pdf (in Dutch 480Kb), print it double-sided and enjoy! Hier istie dan: de nieuwste nieuwsbrief, met nieuws! Download het pdf-je (480Kb), even dubbelzijdig printen en klaar is kees. Veel leesplezier… PS I tried to make a nice webversion, but I seem to have lost techie qualities […]

Masses and leaders

I am only now becoming more and more aware of what great people we have in our movement. During the summer conference we saw and heard several Agape/Campus Crusade leaders from around the world, with some great stories. One of those was Layo Leiva, the Campus Crusade for Christ Director for the Central America zone. […]

God in the City

Check out this (Dutch) videoclip by Crossroads Rotterdam about Matthijs Vlaardingerbroek‘s ministry in Den Haag. (In his extremely down-to-earth and close-to-people mentality he probably would not use the word ‘ministry’ himself, but I guess it’s just the best way to describe it.) I think it is one of the best clips I’ve seen in terms […]

Pope-ular thought

Another question:This week, the pope said something about islam and violence. To prove he was wrong, churches in the Gazastrip were set on fire and a nun was killed in Somalia… can somebody please explain?

Ethics in the Kingdom of God

I have a question for theological cracks concerning the parable of the Kingdom in Matthew 13:44. You can read that somebody finds a treasure in a field, hides it back into the ground and then buys the field. My Christian ethics tell me to do business transparently and honestly. My interpretation of this parable tells […]

Back to work

Well, it looks like I have to lower my ambitions as far as the promised holiday stories are concerned… Last week I was still free but busy with the usual things at home: unpacking, cleaning, etcetera – and this week, back to work, it is much worse. I just returned from a ‘last minute’ one-day […]