God in the City

Check out this (Dutch) videoclip by Crossroads Rotterdam about Matthijs Vlaardingerbroek‘s ministry in Den Haag. (In his extremely down-to-earth and close-to-people mentality he probably would not use the word ‘ministry’ himself, but I guess it’s just the best way to describe it.) I think it is one of the best clips I’ve seen in terms of communicating a vision: so simple, so tangible, so authentic.

It is fascinating to see how God is using so many different people with different giftings, focus, levels of influence, but all with a heart for the city. This videoclip is about The Vlaardingerbroeks reaching out to the poor and weak in their neighbourhood, but I know of many others with a vision for reaching leaders, or church people, or artists… And I strongly believe in the next few years we will see things coming together ‘for the glory of the Kingdom of God’. And I sure want to be there!

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