Masses and leaders

I am only now becoming more and more aware of what great people we have in our movement. During the summer conference we saw and heard several Agape/Campus Crusade leaders from around the world, with some great stories. One of those was Layo Leiva, the Campus Crusade for Christ Director for the Central America zone. I found some interesting posts by him and about him on the internet, for example here and here. Especially this article is worthwhile reading (at least for all Agape staff :-)).
In Nottingham, he shared at one point a very interesting insight that made me think. He stated that within the last few decades, the number of Christians in his region has exploded, up to 60 to 70% of the population. At the same time, morality has dropped dramatically. So, on Sundays, everybody goes to church but at the same time crime rates are higher than ever before. Layo’s analysis is that although the masses may have found Christ, the leaders did not. As a result, there is no transformation taking place.
It might be a disturbing thought to realise that numbers are not the most important factor for transformation. The masses still remain without guidance. (By the way: I think this is biblical in a sense, because from the books of Kings and Chronicles it is clear that the direction of the people either towards or away from God always comes from the leader.)

For me, this insight makes all the difference. We already made a choice to focus on leaders and influencers, but now I see it is much more than just a strategic choice: it is a must in order to fulfill our mission. It also makes more sense why there is so much attention to leaders in general these days. Maybe it is a God thing…

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