Starring: Tomas

Following the stunning success of earlier performances, here is another of those videos starring Tomas. Watch and enjoy… For more movies go to my YouTube page

The law cannot change the world…

….but Jesus, Compassion and the church can! If there is one thing I learned today, it is that the law won’t change the world – at least not the way it should be changed. We were invited to the guest program at the EO Family Day, featuring a number of politicians in debate on the […]

Yet another Tomas video

Here is another Tomas video. A picture says more than a thousand words, and a video says more than a thousand pictures, IMHO.And by the way: take note of his pyjamas. What a cool guy!

The F word

I hear it all around these days: the F word. No, not that four-letter one, but: forgiveness. It is yet another topic buzzing around: yesterday in church, today in the newspaper, so again: a God thing? Forgiveness is so central to Christian belief that you’d almost miss the point. I mean, danger is that we […]