Pig Latin

Eckedchay ymay atsstay, andway erethay asway away inklay omfrayethay Igpay Atinlay ersionvay ofway Ooglegay. Unfay, utbay ywhay inway ethay orldway ouldway omebodysay actuallyway usewayisthay otay earchsay ethay etnay? *) Checked my stats, and there was a link from the Pig Latin version of Google. Fun, but why in the world would somebody actually use this […]

Building better senders

International work continues, even after returning to Holland yesterday. Today, together with some of our leaders, I met up with Myles Wilson, author of ‘Funding the Family Business‘ and widely known crack in the area of raising personal support. We were all impressed by his way of working, the strong biblical context he puts it […]

The Dutch do it again

The Dutch have lived up to their image of direct and blunt communicators once again. During the Sunday afternoon-sessions, the feeling grew that something was missing – let’s call it the God-factor. We were asked to discuss several topics in small groups with regard to building movements amongst students in cities, and some of the […]

First session: Think supernaturally

Javier started the sessions with one of Bill Bright’s legacies: how to think and live supernaturally. It is part of the Agape ‘DNA’, and still very accurate today. Bill Bright would say: it is time for a revolution of godly thoughts and great plans. Supernatural thinking is imagining, planning, and doing things for God that […]

Suffering for the Lord

Greetings from San Feliú de Guixols, Spain! My previous post was on reformed depression, but I’m actually in a state of Evangelical Happiness right now. We’re at one of those suffering-for-the-Lord occasions (as MvdW would call it); five days in a hotel called Eden Roc right on the Costa Brava. It is our annual ‘Round […]

Reformed depression

This morning in the Dutch Daily: psychiatrists suspects the existence of a Reformed depression. They describe this by the example of a 42-year old woman, soberly dressed, looking old, sleeping badly, to tired to take good care of her children. Although she runs her household completely, she feels incompetent. She cannot enjoy life, and when […]

Talking about leaders…

Met up with Ben and Charlotte Ecklu today, leaders of Campus Crusade West-Africa. They oversee a region of 10 countries with over 200 million people. It was very inspiring to see and hear how they are pursuing true transformation in Africa by working with the top leaders. We talked a lot about the topics that […]

Expedition Agapè

Had an excellent time this afternoon in Oosterhout. I was invited in the annual ‘Expedition Agapè’, our new staff training week held in a holiday bungalow, to share on where Agapè is going. It was very encouraging to meet 13 new staff, mostly young people, and talk about our dreams and visions. I chose to […]