Expedition Agapè

Had an excellent time this afternoon in Oosterhout. I was invited in the annual ‘Expedition Agapè’, our new staff training week held in a holiday bungalow, to share on where Agapè is going. It was very encouraging to meet 13 new staff, mostly young people, and talk about our dreams and visions. I chose to base my talk on John 13:3, where it says that Jesus knew where he came from, what he had in hands and where he was going. I explained that we cannot know where we’re heading if we don’t know where we’re from and what is entrusted to us. I am more aware than ever that we stand upon a great legacy of a movement committed to help fulfill the Great Commission. I am also very aware that we are not yet where we want to be in terms of effectiveness of ministry, but I am very expectant. It was fun to hear that the thoughts on John 13 blended in perfectly with their program and with what Wouter shared this morning with them.

I was particularly happy because I arrived quite frustrated – I was supposed to pick an African colleague up from the airport, but he and his wife had missed their connecting flight, and that information did not reach me in time. So I spent some wasted time in the airport (which is actually a fun place, watching all these people from around the world meet and greet and wonder around).

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