Talking about leaders…

Met up with Ben and Charlotte Ecklu today, leaders of Campus Crusade West-Africa. They oversee a region of 10 countries with over 200 million people. It was very inspiring to see and hear how they are pursuing true transformation in Africa by working with the top leaders. We talked a lot about the topics that I blogged about some time ago (‘Masses and leaders’), and they confirmed the general idea of what I wrote about. Ben put it very well: there is in increase in quantity, but a decrease in quality of Christianity. This is not only noticed by them, but also by top leaders themselves. So, after the President of Nigeria had contacted them (!), they decided to create a 4-day gathering with 200 top leaders in politics, business, law and church to address this topic. Together, they came up with an impressive statement: they want “to trust God to build a movement of leaders of integrity who can transform Africa into a first-world continent based on Godly principles”. Even more impressive to hear that there were two actual country presidents (of Nigeria and Burundi) at that gathering and a number of delegates from other presidents.
We interviewed them for the upcoming Agape Magazine early next year, so if you want to learn more make sure you are in our database 🙂

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