Suffering for the Lord

Greetings from San Feliú de Guixols, Spain! My previous post was on reformed depression, but I’m actually in a state of Evangelical Happiness right now. We’re at one of those suffering-for-the-Lord occasions (as MvdW would call it); five days in a hotel called Eden Roc right on the Costa Brava. It is our annual ‘Round Table’-conference with leaders from all over Europe, and Spain always seems to be the best place to gather. Apart from the very good conference (that I might blog about later) the place lives up to its name: a little paradise on the rocks. Mira and I are together, which adds to the paradisiacal feeling: sea, beautiful shores, excellent Spanish food, siesta time, excellent Spanish wines, and so forth.

There is however a true cost involved: today is Rosa’s 6th birthday and we are not there to celebrate with her… Fortunately, she is taken well care of by my parents.

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