The Dutch do it again

The Dutch have lived up to their image of direct and blunt communicators once again. During the Sunday afternoon-sessions, the feeling grew that something was missing – let’s call it the God-factor. We were asked to discuss several topics in small groups with regard to building movements amongst students in cities, and some of the issues focussed on rather negative issues. So, when asked to share our thoughts with the group, my lovely wife could not help but be honest. She said that she did not want to talk about negative issues and obstacles, but rather practise what we learned through Javier on day one: thinking and acting supernaturally. These comments created quite some tumult, with people agreeing all across the room. It was fun to see what it caused. Thankfully, another Dutchman (Hans) was in charge of the meeting, and he decided quickly to change the rest of the program that night. What followed was a great time of spontaneous worship, testimony and prayer, which turned out to be a turning point for the rest of the conference. Many people came to Mira afterwards and thanked her for her contribution. Almost all of them added that they would have never dared to do what she did 🙂

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