Building better senders
Building better senders

Building better senders

International work continues, even after returning to Holland yesterday. Today, together with some of our leaders, I met up with Myles Wilson, author of ‘Funding the Family Business‘ and widely known crack in the area of raising personal support. We were all impressed by his way of working, the strong biblical context he puts it in and his creativity in the practise of raising support. He focusses on three aspects: the Heart (believing to the core that this is the most privileged way of living), the Head (knowing what it is all about) and the Hands (the ‘art’ of connecting to people, asking them to support, etc). We are planning to better train and equip our staff in this area next year, starting with the Heart.

Some random thoughts that I got out of this meeting:

  • Romans 10:14-15 include the sender in fullfilling the Great Commission. By supporting missionaries, people become senders.
  • Ask a christian what the most well-known verse on giving in the Bible is, and he’ll probably say ‘it is better to give than to receive’. But actually, thé most well-known verse in the Bible is about giving also: ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son’. Giving is Gods heart!
  • Do you want the promise of God or the God of the promise?

Coincidentally, tonight we organised a meeting for our church to inform them about Agapè, our role, and raising support. As I shared this with Myles, he almost had me cancel the meeting: ‘don’t do group events, but make personal visits’, ‘tell personal stories, do not Powerpoint’, etcetera. Well, it was a little too late to change everything, and after all we had a great night. Some 30 people (or more, I could not count them) showed up, we shared, they prayed, we challenged them and they filled out the forms… So now we have 4 new financial supporters, about 10 new prayer supporters and a couple of people offering practical help. Not bad for one night…

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