Changes to the living room

Time for a change… not only to the blog but also to our living room. We re-arranged some furniture, painted a wall and are very happy with the results.

Changes to the blog

Made some changes to the blog: new template, new name, and some extra pages in Dutch. Let me know what you think.

Family weekend

My parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this Friday. (It is actually our wedding day as well – 28 years later). The De Boer clan gathered for a nice weekend in Diever, former home of the Oracle of Diever (now Oracle of Heeze) Hans Wiegel. Nice place, but very rainy, so we had to be […]


A tribute to Sofie and Reynaldo. They don’t know eachother (who knows, in the future :-)) but they already share a life story. Sofie comes from South-Africa and Reynaldo from the Philippines, but both will grow up as Dutch kids. At least I know they are litterally adopted in loving families, and I pray they […]

So much to do, so little time

… that’s how I feel these days. It seems like Christmas stress has hit me early this year. Not even time to blog! Anyway. We just had a great family weekend in Drenthe, for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. Hope to blog a bit more about that later.Mira went to a ‘painters workshop’ to Antonio […]

JoelNews interview

Today JoelNews published an interview with us. For all Dutch readers: here it is. Mark de Boer over leiderschap nieuwe-stijl Wie scherp op de bal wil spelen, moet blijven vernieuwen. Voor Agapè Europa betekende dit het afgelopen jaar een wisseling in leiderschap in 7 van de 14 landen, met een verjonging van gemiddeld 15 jaar. […]