Suffering for the Lord

Greetings from San Feliú de Guixols, Spain! My previous post was on reformed depression, but I’m actually in a state of Evangelical Happiness right now. We’re at one of those suffering-for-the-Lord occasions (as MvdW would call it); five days in a hotel called Eden Roc right on the Costa Brava. It is our annual ‘Round Table’-conference with leaders from all over Europe, and Spain always … Lees verder Suffering for the Lord

Reformed depression

This morning in the Dutch Daily: psychiatrists suspects the existence of a Reformed depression. They describe this by the example of a 42-year old woman, soberly dressed, looking old, sleeping badly, to tired to take good care of her children. Although she runs her household completely, she feels incompetent. She cannot enjoy life, and when asked she feels there not much to enjoy anyway. She … Lees verder Reformed depression

Expedition Agapè

Had an excellent time this afternoon in Oosterhout. I was invited in the annual ‘Expedition Agapè’, our new staff training week held in a holiday bungalow, to share on where Agapè is going. It was very encouraging to meet 13 new staff, mostly young people, and talk about our dreams and visions. I chose to base my talk on John 13:3, where it says that … Lees verder Expedition Agapè

The F word

I hear it all around these days: the F word. No, not that four-letter one, but: forgiveness. It is yet another topic buzzing around: yesterday in church, today in the newspaper, so again: a God thing? Forgiveness is so central to Christian belief that you’d almost miss the point. I mean, danger is that we narrow it down to a concept of God forgiving man … Lees verder The F word

Newsletter 8, nieuwsbrief 8

Here is our latest newsletter, with news… Download the pdf (in Dutch 480Kb), print it double-sided and enjoy! Hier istie dan: de nieuwste nieuwsbrief, met nieuws! Download het pdf-je (480Kb), even dubbelzijdig printen en klaar is kees. Veel leesplezier… PS I tried to make a nice webversion, but I seem to have lost techie qualities somewhere along the way. It just does not seem to … Lees verder Newsletter 8, nieuwsbrief 8