Merry Christmas!

Christmas… the miraculous event of God coming to earth. I have heard the expression over and over again, but this morning it hit me afresh: the Creator of heaven and earth, ‘stooping down’ to his own creation and becoming a child, dependent of people, leaving behind his God-being. Enjoy Kees Kraayenoord’s beautiful answer: God, I […]

Growing princesses

A day to remember… Rosa’s tooth came out after a long time waiting. She now looks… ehm, different… Must be growing pains, she will be beautiful once again, we hope 🙂 Click on the picture to see what we mean. And see the Kids Gallery for more new pictures of the kids & family.

Forgive to live

It was my turn to speak in church once again. I chose the topic of forgiveness, on which I never spoke but I did blog about it. And as I wrote in that post, forgiveness is pivotal in maintaining relationships, but it is not the goal of it. The whole point of forgiveness is to […]

Greeks & Giants

This blog seems to turn into a travel blog, because my last update was on the trip to the States, and tomorrow I’ll be off for another trip, this time to Greece. But in between a lot is happening as well, for which I do not always find the time or the right words to […]

The adventures of Mark & Mira in America (1)

Wow, that was quite a trip. Travelling 46 hours and 20.000 km in 6 days, from 12 C to 32 C, by plane, rental car, taxi and golf cart… But it was fun. We travelled from Amsterdam to Atlanta to meet with a couple that are interested in our ministry. They have a fantastic place […]

Even more adventures

Okay, one or two more stories from the States. The conference theme was ‘Proclaiming the mystery’ (derived from Colossians 3), and to add some fun to it there was a mystery to be solved, somewhat like the game Clue. Mira had the privilege to play Hercule Poirot and present the solution of the mystery, which […]

The adventures of Mark & Mira in America (3)

At 1.30 pm the second episode started: travelling to Phoenix. And guess what: long before rush hour, we hit a jam because of a traffic accident, downtown Atlanta… so we ended up running through the hallways in the airport, hitting a 2-kilometer long line for Security, running back, looking for another entrance, and then Mira […]

The adventures of Mark & Mira in America (2)

The United States are a nice country. Really, I like it. The only thing is: you have to be ve-e-e-ry patient to get in… It took us ages to leave the airport: first of all we had to get through Immigration – about 50 minutes waiting time. When we got through, we took the luggage […]