Spread the Word II – finishing Genesis

Remember the one-year-bible-reading-program from our church? Today we will finish the book of Genesis. As we already read the entire book of Job, this means we are at 1/33 of the bible books, and at 1/12 of the time.Anyway. I developed the habit of listening to the Bible while driving. Last Saturday I listened to the story of Joseph, and believe me or not: I … Lees verder Spread the Word II – finishing Genesis

Stormy weather

Yes, the thunderstorm last Thursday hit us as it did many other places. Unfortunately, the fence in our backyard did not survive. Encouraged by my dear wife, I did some repair work, so the fence is up since Saturday and still going strong.Near the office a large branch hit a colleague’s car, and later an entire tree came down, crashing the paper container and almost … Lees verder Stormy weather

Durftedromen.nl New Years Drink

Went to the Durftedromen.nl New Year reception in Utrecht. Durftedromen.nl is a network for Young Professionals started by Albert and Marloes, a former Athletes in Action couple. Their aim is to create a network of like-minded people by organising monthly events, providing coaching, training and so on. I met some nice people. Interestingly, most of them, like myself, were there the first time. There was … Lees verder Durftedromen.nl New Years Drink

Water hero

Rosa is taking swimming lessons since two weeks. She enjoys it very much. When Mira took her for the first time, she started showing off her under water skills to the teacher. This time, she made friends with Anna and showed her dad how well she could swim. And indeed, she has made progress already. Last summer she could hardly stay in the water without … Lees verder Water hero

Spread the Word

We started an exciting project in church: Spread the Word! In 2007, we are going to read the entire Bible in one year with the whole congregation. The fun part is that it will be in chronological order, which means we just started in Genesis this week but tomorrow we’ll jump to Job, because he obviously lived somewhere in the times of early Genesis. And … Lees verder Spread the Word