Spread the Word II – finishing Genesis
Spread the Word II – finishing Genesis

Spread the Word II – finishing Genesis

Remember the one-year-bible-reading-program from our church? Today we will finish the book of Genesis. As we already read the entire book of Job, this means we are at 1/33 of the bible books, and at 1/12 of the time.
Anyway. I developed the habit of listening to the Bible while driving. Last Saturday I listened to the story of Joseph, and believe me or not: I had tears in my eyes. It is an exciting story about sex, power and money… and lots of more spiritual stuff also. About forgiveness, for example, and about relationships, and about the supremacy of God.
But I was really moved again by the way the reunion of Joseph and his brothers was described. Picture this Egyptian king running out of the room, crying out loud nextdoor out of emotion , washing his face, coming back in… And then not being able to keep on playing games. It is all so human, so close. It would certainly make up for a good series of emo-tv.

I think Joseph is an interesting character. Much unlike his dad Jacob he díd have character, that he showed when his boss’s wife tried to seduce him. He had humility, as he showed when giving glory to God for explaining dreams. But he also had pride, as he showed when talking about his own dreams. He was a smart businessman, as he knew exactly how to deal with the challenge of the famine that would come. And in many ways, he typifies Christ, for example when after being humiliated Farao raises him to be the first man in the kingdom.

“It’s a big book, full of big stories with big characters. They have big ideas (not least about themselves) and make big mistakes. It’s about God and greed and grace; about life, lust, laughter, and loneliness. It’s about birth, beginnings, and betrayal; about siblings, squabbles, and sex; about power and prayer and prison and passion. And that’s only Genesis.” (N.T. Wright)

Yes. I really like Genesis!

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