Spread the Word III: Exodus, out of Egypt

Another big book with big stories: Exodus, Israel leaving Egypt. A miraculous and maybe even incredible story. Did God actually divide the Red Sea? Did all those plagues really hit Egypt? But there is more than enough historical evidence for the story of the exodus to believe it. Until the present day, Jews around the world remember God (JHWH) as He wants to be remembered: … Lees verder Spread the Word III: Exodus, out of Egypt

Tomas 1!

Huray, it’s Tomas’ birthday! Already 1 year old, time flies.And as always, Tomas enjoys everything: the attention, the presents, grandma and grandpa, friends, his sisters dragging him around the room. And yes, we enjoy it too, every single day with this little man. He is an absolute joy: always cheerful and smiling. The last couple of months his energy level is rising. Was he in … Lees verder Tomas 1!