Updating backwards

Trying to make up for the silence of the last weeks… so don’t forget to scroll down 🙂

Rotterdam revisited

Visited Rotterdam twice this week, on Tuesday and on Friday. And guess what: I’m going to love this city! The skyline is fabulous, with the Erasmus bridge and the two towers besides Hotel New York as the main landmarks. I took this picture from the Euromast, looks nice, doesn’t it? On Tuesday we were there […]

Funding the Family Business

Had an excellent meeting with Myles Wilson and the Leadership team today. After our first meeting in November, we decided to have a broader audience. So today we were about 15 people, talking again about raising personal support and specifically the biblical basis for it. If you’re interested: here are the notes (half Dutch, half […]

Spread the Word III: Exodus, out of Egypt

Another big book with big stories: Exodus, Israel leaving Egypt. A miraculous and maybe even incredible story. Did God actually divide the Red Sea? Did all those plagues really hit Egypt? But there is more than enough historical evidence for the story of the exodus to believe it. Until the present day, Jews around the […]

Campus ministry and snow

Finally I got to join the Rotterdam student ministry team (Henk Veltman and Heiko van den Broek) to do some good ol’ evangelism. Christian student fraternity NSR celebrates its Dies Natalis this week, and for that reason they did an outreach on the campus. So I got to do some spirituality surveys and share the […]

Tomas 1!

Huray, it’s Tomas’ birthday! Already 1 year old, time flies.And as always, Tomas enjoys everything: the attention, the presents, grandma and grandpa, friends, his sisters dragging him around the room. And yes, we enjoy it too, every single day with this little man. He is an absolute joy: always cheerful and smiling. The last couple […]