Rotterdam revisited

Visited Rotterdam twice this week, on Tuesday and on Friday. And guess what: I’m going to love this city! The skyline is fabulous, with the Erasmus bridge and the two towers besides Hotel New York as the main landmarks. I took this picture from the Euromast, looks nice, doesn’t it?

On Tuesday we were there with Alan Nagel, Campus Crusade advisor for City strategy. Alan was here to brainstorm with us what our approach to cities in general, and Rotterdam in particular could be. Colleagues Wim van Duyvenbode and Gijsbert Pellegrom toured us through the city, giving us a lot of history and background. There is a lot going on, and our challenge is to find our ‘niche’ to contribute.

On Friday I returned with Wouter to shoot some footage for a video presentation about Agapè and its mission. We visited the campus ministry team at the Erasmus University, and it was very cool to hear and see discipleship at work: one of the teammembers, who was challenged last year to join the team, just returned from a talk with a guy who “had found out that Jesus was the Son of God”… In the afternoon, we were downtown, shooting in the shopping mall. Fun to see all these different people, sad to realise that only one out of twenty considers himself a born-again christian.

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