Movements everywhere in Latvia

It is quite exciting to learn what is happening here in Latvia. At the conference, there were two Members of Parliament and the State Minister of Children and Family Affairs as guests and speakers. I was specifically impressed with the talk of Janus Smits, chairman of the Human Rights committee of the Parliament. He was […]

Riga churches

I uploaded a couple of pictures of Riga to Flickr – check them out!

Quick note from Riga

It’s always nice to post from different places than home… so here is a quick update from Riga. I’m staying in a hotel in the old town, which is really nice indeed, as I can see with my own eyes. I walked around a bit this afternoon through this old town. Lots and lots of […]

Adding another country to the list

Tomorrow I hope to fly to Riga, Latvia, for an Agape Europe conference on ‘Current Leaders’. It will be a training conference with much practical input on how to start and sustain a discipling ministry in the business community. I have never been to Latvia, although I have been meeting a number of colleagues from […]

It’s running in the family

Rosa had an art-project at school which ended last Thursday with an exhibition. Together with Fleurine she was the live artist that made this beautiful painting. It’s running in the family…

Holy Ghost Mafia

Yes, I feel the same about the title – it’s kind of weird, but I did not come up with it myself. Yesterday night I joined my friends Robertino and Mark to a so-called ‘Fire & Gold’ conference with John Keating. He is an Irish prophetic teacher with ‘a strong anointing’ as my pentecostal brothers […]

Impact in the workplace

Last Saturday 350 young, well-educated christian professionals gathered in Hotel Schiphol to listen and think about Inspiring Leadership at the Impact Symposium. Since Agape is partnering in this symposium we held a workshop for which we invited Jon Horne from London. Based on three concepts living, telling & changing he discussed how to integrate christian […]

The gospel in 60 seconds

If you read some of the blogs I read, you are probably already familiar with the 60 seconds contest we held at the staff conference. We invited everybody to share their testimony or present the gospel in one minute, to be used in Internet Ministry. Watch here to see all of the results and guess […]

Movement of Gods love

We created this video for the staff conference. Watch and enjoy the visionary presentation of Agapè The Netherlands!

Spring conference

We’re still recovering from the Agapè spring conference last week. It has been a very special conference that brought us even more than we hoped for. With the verses from Isaiah 43 in mind, we aimed to leave the past behind and look forward. We used that verse as the Newyear’s wishes and now we […]