Holy Ghost Mafia

Yes, I feel the same about the title – it’s kind of weird, but I did not come up with it myself. Yesterday night I joined my friends Robertino and Mark to a so-called ‘Fire & Gold’ conference with John Keating. He is an Irish prophetic teacher with ‘a strong anointing’ as my pentecostal brothers and sisters would call it. It certainly was a happening. Friday night, Mira had been there and she talked to John. He also prayed for her and said she should ‘drag her husband to this place’. Anyway, here we went. We were late, so when we entered the place, worship was going on already. John spoke about ‘the end of the church as we know it’. I guess the emergent people would have liked it – and so did I, because it was quite challenging. He also said some things about Holland and how he felt things were moving really fast since about 6 months. (The funny thing is that I have had this same feeling, but I wasn’t sure if that had to do with our own moving into the current position of leadership. Good to hear confirmation of this from some independent people.) After his speech, he was going to pray for some people, but he returned to the audience and asked ‘the three gentlemen in the back’ (which was us) to stand up, because he had a prophetic word for us. And prophetic it was: I had just been talking to Robertino about certain things, and it was as if he had been sitting with us. Afterwards, we talked with him and he said that when we entered the room, he said to his wife: Look, it’s the Holy Ghost Mafia entering! I still have to figure out what it means exactly, but at least it sounds intriguing :-).

It is exciting to see so many things are stirring, although many of it is still kind of below surface. It’s even hard to lay hands on, to mention specific events or examples. But more and more I get convinced that we are indeed living in a special era. Both yesterday and today it was mentioned that we are to reap what we did not sow. And I think I should just write it down the way I feel: there is a immense outpouring of the Holy Spirit at hand. We’d better be prepared for it!

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