Quick note from Riga

It’s always nice to post from different places than home… so here is a quick update from Riga. I’m staying in a hotel in the old town, which is really nice indeed, as I can see with my own eyes. I walked around a bit this afternoon through this old town. Lots and lots of young people, places that are trendy (or wannabe-trendy, I can’t really tell), beautiful architecture. The picture is not very typical but I liked the old Soviet image. (It is actually a pre-Soviet statue from 1905!).

The conference started tonight with a talk by Elaine Lloyd, an American staff lady who has been living here in Riga since 1994. Great story about discipleship – understandable, very personal and practical. I’ll post some notes later. Afterwards we had dinner in town; since Elaine and her husband are the Riga experts, I thought they would take us to some fancy Latvian place, but alas. I should have known better with these ‘culturally different’ Americans 🙂

And thanks to the unsecured wireless connection of neighbours in the hotel I could Skype from the hotelroom this afternoon for more than an hour, have an MSN chat and online prayer with Mira tonight and post this post… for free!

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