Movements everywhere in Latvia

It is quite exciting to learn what is happening here in Latvia. At the conference, there were two Members of Parliament and the State Minister of Children and Family Affairs as guests and speakers. I was specifically impressed with the talk of Janus Smits, chairman of the Human Rights committee of the Parliament. He was very outspoken about the role of Christians in society. He literally said that our task is to reclaim and regain the institutions we have lost over the years. Afterwards he showed some of the group around the parliament building. While standing in the main room, he recited Mattew 28, the great commission, and said: ‘all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Christ, including this room’. How about that for an MP?

He had also interesting things to say about the current developments in society, where Christianity seems to be put in the back seat, and religion is something to be kept out of public life. We are actually protected by international law: two UN resolutions from 1981 state we are protected from discrimination on religious basis – we can exercise faith anywhere, everywhere. These resolutions were replaced by newer ones that protect religious freedom even more, mentioning three things explicitly to be banned: anti-Semitism, islamofobia, Christofobia,

It is also interesting to note that the Agapè ministry in Latvia has been able to connect to these people and many others in influential positions, relationships that developed into close friendships. It is fascinating to see they are committed to the call of God on their lives. One of the other MP’s has a dream of doing Alpha courses with the entire parliament.

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  1. Hi Mark! We haven’t met yet, but it’s nice to know that more Dutch Christians are blogging in Englih; it gives us a great opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow believers world-wide and together we are bringing some Light in the blogosphere, sharing the good news in an accessible, non-intrusive way! Just wanted to let you know that I have added you to my blogroll now. Vriendelijke groet and keep up the good work!

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