Easter 2007: matzes, dishwashers, and pirates

Maybe you think (from the title) it was a very unspiritual Easter this year. Well, we did not sit down in utter devotion for three days, that’s true. But we had a fantastic small group celebration on Good Friday, in which we celebrated the death of Jesus Christ – in perspective of his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.
While taking Holy Communion together, we thought of the fact that Jesus established this ceremony on the last day of the Jewish feast of the Unleavened Breads. At this feast, the Jews were supposed to take out the yeast off the dough, as a symbol of the annual taking away of sin through the Atonement by the High Priest. Instead of ‘stopping to spread sin’, a negative and never-ending cycle, Jesus offers us to ‘start spreading life’ by taking part in his new covenant!

As a family we enjoyed this long weekend together. On Saturday I bought a dishwasher to replace the one that broke down (after I had repaired it a dozen times already). I found this one through the internet for 30 euro, took it home and installed it – it works perfectly, and we see it as a little gift from God that we could replace the old one so easily.

Today Rosa and Sara wanted to visit the pirate ship a little further on in Almere Buiten – a new playground for kids that has been flooded with people since it was opened. And so it was today, but they liked it a lot. Even Tomas liked it; he got up the stairs and down the slide himself, the little guy….

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