Tragedy at Virginia Tech

Students and staff members respond in prayer


While students at Virgina Tech wait for the identity of victims to be confirmed from Monday’s campus massacre, the media from around the world zooms in for a closer look.

They’re seeing students praying.

At Virginia Tech, Campus Crusade for Christ is nicknamed Cru. Ten staff members serve a group of more than 500 involved students on campus.

When the shootings happened, the Cru staff members were gathered together for their weekly staff meeting.

“We had a prayer meeting Monday night for our students and the students of some other organizations,” says Dave Broadwell, who has worked with Cru at Virginia Tech since 1991. “Most students are shocked and numb at this point, not sure what to think and feel. I feel the same way.”

The day after the shootings, the staff members agreed to spend the day in the Cru office to pray with students and talk with them.

At noon on Wednesday, the team plans to pray with other Christian groups on the drillfield–a very central place on campus, says Broadwell.

The staff team invites the watching world to join with them in prayer, depending on God.

“Please pray that amidst it all that the Lord would be glorified, families would be comforted and students would grieve appropriately,” says Broadwell. “I have a feeling no one is going to know how to move on from here.

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