Touching base… and off again

It has been silent on this blog, and it probably will be for another while. Last week I was at Mallorca, attending the Agape Europe Leadership Forum. Yes, one of those suffering for the Lord occasions… but seriously, it was hard work. We had a two day intensive team training followed by a three day leadership forum. Great stuff altogether, but I was quite exhausted when I got home.
And tomorrow morning we’re off for Spain again, this time for a spring holiday with the family. We have the opportunity to stay with Ruben and Lydia Fernandéz, our colleague National Directors from Agape Spain. The girls are really excited about flying tomorrow. Rosa asked today how many nights we will be on the plane…

And if you’re bored because I’m not blogging a lot, why don’t you join LinkedIn for a business & professional network or Facebook for a social network… Facebook is really hyping in Agape right now, so this is your chance to make many friends 😉
Or: take a look at this site and start wondering why I am linking to it. (Tip: see the archives…)

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