Good news and bad news

The good news: we’re back from a super-holiday in Spain. Five days of sun, beach, good food, family time etcetera. It was good to spend time with Ruben and Lydia and with Javier and Gema. For the kids the highlight was the visit to the Barcelona Zoo, with a dolphin show and horseriding. For Mira and me it was probably the dinner on Friday night in Hostal de la Plaça in Cabrils.

We returned early yesterday morning, leaving us tired for the rest of the day. Rosa and I went to the Award ceremony of the ‘most failed picture of the year’ (“De Misluktste Foto van 2007“), for which we were nominated with this picture. We did not win, but it was fun to go there and see all these silly pictures exhibited. We took the large scale canvas of our picture home, which was a nice price after all.

The bad news: on the way back, the car broke down. Not a bit, but really… And not only that, it turned out I did not have the road assistance service I thought I had. But fortunately we have dear friends who helped us out by taking us home and even towing the car to the mechanic. Thanks, Bart! Now we have to hope and pray things are still repairable.

Anyway. Have to get back to work…

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