Good news, only good news

Back after another event… this time the Rafael Almere leadership retreat. We were with some 50 people in Nunspeet for a long weekend to seek God, share vision, be trained and go out… The topic was The Great Commission, and Mira and I had the opportunity to share some (many) things around evangelism and discipleship. If you’re interested: Powerpoints and some other materials are on (in Dutch). It was a great time. On Friday afternoon some of us went into Nunspeet two by two to pray for people, and some others made ’60 seconds’ videos like we did on the Agapè conference. Fantastic results, if I may say so… Not the least because of the help of Jeroen, who wanted to be mentioned at this blog for sharing some food with us ;-). Actually he did a superb job in staging and editing the videos. Thanks, man!

More good news on Saturday. We did not expect to have our car repaired before the end of next week and with a cost of at least 700 euro (which was already a bargain). Mira had received almost 350 euro through an offering on Tuesday, so we needed to find the other half. On Saturday afternoon I heard that the car was ready, and that we had to pay… 350 euros! This is one of those occasions that we Christians say: praise the Lord!

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