Sharing hearts in the Swiss Mountains

An successful experiment: this video was uploaded directly from my mobile phone! (I think it is kind of costly, I will find out at the end of the month :-)). It shows the place I was last week, together with the colleagues from Western Europe. Not too bad, as you can see… Stories to follow.

Birthday presents

A special birthday, and an evenly special present. I’ve been traveling all day to arrive at the beautiful chalet in Findeln, Switzerland to celebrate my birthday with cake and wine in the company of 10 international friends. But the most original present is to be given later this week by Mira: a revision of our […]

World Missions

This weekend I have been preparing my upcoming trips to Switzerland and Korea, and because of that I’m all into world missions right now. Tomorrow I leave for the Swiss Mountains, to ‘share hearts’ with my colleagues from 12 different nations. We will be in a mountain lodge at 2.000 m. altitude, close to Zermatt, […]

EO’s Youth Day

We were invited to the annual EO Youth Day in Arnhem. Some 34.000 young christians from around The Netherlands gathered to celebrate, worship and be inspired. We had a great time, since it was already some years ago that we were young enough to visit the event. Now, in a different capacity, we had the […]

Hope21 networking

Had an interesting day in Haarlem at a networking day organised by the Evangelical Alliance and Hoop21. Our colleague Hans Luttik hosted the day. I am truly impressed with the way things are developing in Haarlem. Churches are working together, trying to seize opportunities to make a positive difference in the city. In the morning […]