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This weekend I have been preparing my upcoming trips to Switzerland and Korea, and because of that I’m all into world missions right now. Tomorrow I leave for the Swiss Mountains, to ‘share hearts’ with my colleagues from 12 different nations. We will be in a mountain lodge at 2.000 m. altitude, close to Zermatt, for 5 days. After extremely tiresome weeks (mostly stress I put on myself…) I am really looking forward to it.

Then, next week, I will fly out to Busan, Korea for the Campus Mission 2007 conference. That will be a major event with some 20.000 students and staff from around the world. The vision is to initiate a movement that will bring the gospel to the remaining 6.000 campuses that have no active christian influence so far. People like George Verwer and our own Andy Atkins will be keynote speakers.
As I searched the web yesterday for some background info on Korea, I found some interesting stuff. After the United States, Korea is the largest sending nation of missionaries around the world. 3 of the 10 largest churches are found over there. In 1974 a huge missions conference was held (Explo 74), and it was so influential they even made stamps of it! (No kidding: see it here).

But the thing I am most excited about now has not to do with Korea but with Mongolia. It is exactly 6 years ago that we started our 5-month DTS with Youth with a Mission. In October 2001 we visited Mongolia with the DTS Outreach. We have since then always kept a connection to Mongolia, as we support a Campus Crusade staff member there, a lady that we stayed during our visit. Coincidentally (or not), now Rahel (who we know from Switzerland) is living with her.
Anyway. We went to Erdenet and to a small town called Kharhorun, the former capital city. In both places we got to know Mongolian worship. There was one famous song they sang all over the place, which was truly heart moving. I remember one night in Erdenet when we were invited to the worship rehearsal. There was a crowd packed in a small room, and when they started singing it was like heaven… can’t describe it any other way. I had never heard a thing like that, and never heard it afterwards. Later, in Kharhorun, the worship leader gave me the text and chords, and I tried to make something out of it – which was quite hard (see picture right :-)).
To make a long story short: with world missions on my mind, knowing that I’m going to meet some Mongolians in Korea, I recalled this worship experience. And while taking my guitar, I did another Google search for ‘popular Mongolian worship song‘, and to my utter surprise I found the song – in mp3! I copied it, so listen and enjoy. It is a little different from what I remember, but it sure is the song. In the second half you can experience a little bit what I experienced live some 6 years ago… Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Mark.!

    Congrats with your birthday.!(Sara and Rosa told me;))
    Have good trips the coming time and lets meet again soon.!



  2. Hey, ik kwam via het Agape Magazine even een kijkje nemen, en vind het interessant wat je schrijft. Je hebt een boeiend en bezig leven! Gods zegen voor je gezin en je werk! Hartelijke groet, Hinke

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