God’s warriors

God’s warriorsLast week I came across a nice new resource for audio sermons: the Woodland hills Church in St. Paul (USA). This is Greg Boyd’s church, and you might know Greg Boyd from the book ‘Letters from a skeptic’, which is a correspondence between Greg and his father about the claims of Christianity. Less widely known, at least here at this side of the ocean, are his other works. I read ‘God at war‘, a controversial book about the origins of good and evil, challenging some classic Christian worldviews. Anyway. There are tons of sermons available for download, so I listened the most recent ones. Turns out this guy is in CNN’s ‘God’s Warriors’ – a trilogy documentary about religious fundamentalism.

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Korea, missionaries and martyrdom

Right after the Campus Mission conference in South-Korea early July, the dramatic events with the Korean missionaries/aid workers in Afghanistan started. As I have been sharing my experiences and the wider stories of Korea since my visit here and there, I was especially intrigued by these developments. Today I read an interesting article in the ‘Dutch Daily’, where a German missiologist confirms my thoughts that … Lees verder Korea, missionaries and martyrdom