Korea, missionaries and martyrdom

Right after the Campus Mission conference in South-Korea early July, the dramatic events with the Korean missionaries/aid workers in Afghanistan started. As I have been sharing my experiences and the wider stories of Korea since my visit here and there, I was especially intrigued by these developments. Today I read an interesting article in the ‘Dutch Daily’, where a German missiologist confirms my thoughts that these events are not just coincidental. The father of one of the martyrs, a high politician, was so touched by the love and care in the christian community that he found Jesus himself.
I still think even beyond these effects on Koreans. It would not surprise me to hear some day that these missionaries have had an impact on the Taliban who held them hostage. This could be God’s way of getting to the hearts of them!

Update 31/8: Latest news is that the Koreans are released, under the condition that Korea will cease any christian missions work in Afghanistan. Don’t know what to make of that…

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