God’s warriors

God’s warriorsLast week I came across a nice new resource for audio sermons: the Woodland hills Church in St. Paul (USA). This is Greg Boyd’s church, and you might know Greg Boyd from the book ‘Letters from a skeptic’, which is a correspondence between Greg and his father about the claims of Christianity. Less widely known, at least here at this side of the ocean, are his other works. I read ‘God at war‘, a controversial book about the origins of good and evil, challenging some classic Christian worldviews. Anyway. There are tons of sermons available for download, so I listened the most recent ones. Turns out this guy is in CNN’s ‘God’s Warriors’ – a trilogy documentary about religious fundamentalism.

In the 6-hour documentary, Christiane Armanpour places Jewish, Islamic and Christian ‘warriors’ side-to-side. The focus is on the interaction between politics and religion, and although that is much more of an issue in America than it is in Europe, I find it particularly interesting – and pretty confronting as well – to see how others perceive the culture that I am part of. The Netherlands are in the documentary as well, and in not a good position for that matter. On one side there is Geert Wilders who was interviewed because of his hostile attitude towards Islam. In my humble opinion, his (populist) behaviour is stirring up hatred and animosity. On the other side, an imam from The Hague is interviewed, also expressing extremist points of view and thus part of the problem. Makes me wonder what country I live in. But the entire documentary might make you wonder what world we’re living in…

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