Too inspired…

binnendijk.jpgYesterday was a crazy day – I feel a little too inspired. Too much input, too little time to process. It started early morning at 7 am with a businessmen’s breakfast. Henk Binnendijk, grand old man of TV-Bible study, held a devotional based on Marc 4, a chapter that contains three parables on seed: mustard seed, growing seed and sowing seed. Seed is small – in some cases even too small to see with the human eye – but it contains everything to become a mustard tree, a crop, or a human being. In the same way, with the seed of Gods Spirit in us, we have everything we need to become what we are supposed to be.

In the same meeting I met up with Harmen van Zwol, involved with the Present foundation, a charity that focuses on social and practical aid in the local community. I think there are many opportunities to partner together, as we are very complementing ministries.

Later on that morning I sat down with my colleague Jan Gerrit Duinkerken to work on a presentation of some research we’ve done on Rotterdam. As is often the case with him, we had a long conversation about the relevance of the Gospel for people in the 21st century.

That conversation more or less continued that afternoon with Jozua Ros, coordinator for Navigators LifeNet. We’re ‘old friends’ from some 13 years ago, when we were both with Navigators Amsterdam. Good to catch up and to hear his thoughts on a wide range of topics, and to see where we can strengthen eachother.

Well, the day was not over yet – at night we had the first meeting of the new season with our church small group. We are going to talk about Bruce Wilkinson’s ‘The Dreamgiver’ the next couple of weeks. As I said: maybe too much for one day…

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