Agape Challenge

Agape LogoGoing to the office on Saturday is not a habit of mine, but today I was there to sit in with the first ‘Agapè Challenge’ – the one-day introduction to the organisation and philosophy of Agapè. Colleagues Peter, Henk and Freek talked about things like the Great Commission, Win-Build-Send, discipleship and transferable concepts, mostly from a biblical context. I was glad to discover again that our values and philosophies are really rooted in the bible. Especially Henk’s talk about discipleship was refreshing, as it showed that there is a continuing process of learning and (leadership) development in the Bible. Traditionally we tend to be very ‘dichotomic’ about evangelism and the gospel: either you’re in or out, and once you’re in, the work is done. But fact is that Jesus took three years to share his live with his pupils; Paul was ‘successful’ in ministry only after he was discipled by Barbanas and had hands-on training in Antioch; later he spent three years in Ephesus to train and equip the believers there. There is much more to say, but you’ll get the picture. And I think this is what we call the Agapè Challenge: equipping people to involve people to equip people to involve people…

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