The adventures of Mark & Mira in America (2)

01 Phoenix WBC07.jpg03 Phoenix WBC07.jpg02 Phoenix WBC07.jpg

The United States are a nice country. Really, I like it. The only thing is: you have to be ve-e-e-ry patient to get in… It took us ages to leave the airport: first of all we had to get through Immigration – about 50 minutes waiting time. When we got through, we took the luggage and went through customs – not mentioning some of the stuff that we carried, oops – but then they had us re-label the luggage (waiting time 15 minutes), since it was already checked in for Phoenix. Then we had to… well, long story short: when we finally got the rental car, heading North, we hit rush hour… so we were kinda tired when we arrived at our hosts’ place. Fortunately, from there things went better! Dean and Kara live in a beautiful place, out in the woods. Just lovely. And as I said: the US are a nice country, because when we went out for dinner, the place opened up especially for us (and served us some superb food as well!).

We were supposed to leave for Phoenix early next day. We decided to change the flights, so we could have a little more time with Dean and Kara, that we were just getting to know a little bit. So after a good nights’ sleep we had another morning in Georgia. We took a walk to the actual Cannon Falls, a very beautiful river with a fall of some 20 meters, right below the cottage, and talked some more about our little country and what God is doing around here.

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