The adventures of Mark & Mira in America (3)

07 Phoenix WBC07.jpgAt 1.30 pm the second episode started: travelling to Phoenix. And guess what: long before rush hour, we hit a jam because of a traffic accident, downtown Atlanta… so we ended up running through the hallways in the airport, hitting a 2-kilometer long line for Security, running back, looking for another entrance, and then Mira made just a little mistake at the security gate: she said we were in a hurry. Lesson no. 1 when going through Security: NEVER SHOW THAT YOU ARE IN A HURRY. They made us go through the full body check, leaving us even less time to catch the plane. So there we went running again, this time with loose shoe strings, belts lingering, open bags… but we made it at the second precisely. One minute later and the doors would have been closed. If you have the chance, go and nearly miss a plane one day. The faces of all those people in the plane, nicely seated and on time, are priceless 🙂

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